Michigan Civil War History Partners

(Partners with the State Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission/Committee)

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The Michigan Civil War Sesquicentennial History Partners (History Partners) is composed of individuals, organizations, and communities throughout the state interested in commemorating and promoting the Civil War Sesquicentennial (2011 - 2015) and Michigan's role in that war. Comprising the Civil War History Partners are over 1,000 Civil War reenactors and living history historians; Civil War patriotic and hereditary organizations; Civil War scholars and educators, Civil War Roundtables; local and statewide libraries, historical societies, genealogical societies; local and statewide museums; and numerous local Michigan communities that sponsor special and/or annual historical programs related to the Civil War.

On April 22, 2010, the Michigan Historical Commission unanimously approved the partnership between its Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee and the History Partners for the purposes of carrying out, and as decreed in, Executive Order 2007-52, the commemoration of Michigan's role in the Civil War. This action formally recognized the role of the History Partners in assisting the state in the planning, promotion, and implementation of the Civil War Sesquicentennial activities in the state. In addition to assisting the Michigan Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission/Committee during the Civil War Sesquicentennial, one of the primary goals of the History Partners is to help facilitate communications, coordination, and promotion of special events, programs, commemorations, etc. for and during the Civil War Sesquicentennial.

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Michigan Civil War Sesquicentennial History Partners

Keith G. Harrison, Chair (pcinc@prodigy.net)
Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States / Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Thomas Berlucchi, Co-Chair (tberlucchi@yahoo.com)
Civil War Reenactments / Living Histories

John Gibney, Co-Chair (johngibney55@gmail.com)
Museums / Roundtables

Bruce Butgereit, Co-Chair (civil-war@comcast.net)
Libraries / Historical Societies / Genealogical Societies

Michigan Historical Commission
John M. Dempsey, President     Kimberly S. Johnson, Vice President
Brian J. Egen Joseph Calvaruso
Margaret Cunningham Richard G. Micka
Michael Ranville Thomas Truscott
Larry Wagenaar  

Sandra S. Clark, Secretary (ClarkSS@michigan.gov)
Director, Michigan Historical Center

Michigan Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee
Brian J. Egen, Chair     Richard Micka
John M. Dempsey, Edward D. Surovell
Kimberly S. Johnson Judith L. Tappero
James A. McConnell

Sandra S. Clark, Secretary (ClarkSS@michigan.gov)
Director, Michigan Historical Center

Keith G. Harrison

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